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Incredibilmente resistente, leggero e altamente tecnologico.

La terza versione del frame Sunday Soundwave (v3), è il design del frame più avanzato offerto da Sunday. È dotato di caratteristiche come forcellini inscatolati e. alleggeriti , tendicatena integrati, tubo ondulato e tubo superiore, , supporti freno rimovibili , lavorazione post-saldatura di BB & HT e 41-Thermal completo trattamento termico post saldatura dappertutto.

La novità per la v3 è un fodero corto (ora 13.2 ") e un tubo sterzo più alto (ora 5").

Soundwave v3 è supportato dall'impareggiabile garanzia a vita termica 41 contro la flessione, la rottura e la piegatura. Ed è il prodotto perfetto per rider come Gary Young, Chris Childs e Brett Silva.


  • 41 Thermal Processed (Lifetime Warranty):

    Sunday is the only company to use Odyssey's proven and trusted 41 Thermal heat treating. This formula has been refined and improved since the late 90's. The proven 41 Thermal process allows the products to be lightweight AND strong. It is also backed by a legendary lifetime warranty against bending, cracking, and breaking.

  • 100% 4130 Chromoly Frame

  • Butted Seat Tube & Miter Cut Top Tube:

    The seat tube is where all three triangles of the frame meet and it is crucial to keep this tube strong.

  • Boxed Chainstays:

    We've updated the chain stays with a "boxed" tube shape that helps fight denting. The new shape enables the frame to have a shorter rear end as well providing clearance for larger sized rear tires. It's not uncommon to see 2.35" - 2.40" tires in the rear on a Soundwave.

  • Wave Top Tube:

    Top tube dents will significantly weaken the front end of your bike, thus shortening it's life. The double-butted, 1.375" diameter top tube with proven Wave shaping helps fight denting.

  • Wave Down Tube:

    Down tube dents are common with the competitor's frames and they significantly weaken the front end of your bike. The double-butted, 1.45" diameter down-tube feature Sunday's proven Wave shaping to fight denting against contact made from a rail, ledge, coping and whatever else happens to get thrown at it.

  • Tapered Chain & Seat Stays:

    Both chain and seat stays taper to provide a refined and clean look to the frame while still providing strength. The are both angled on the inside for improved chain clearance and weight savings.

  • Post Weld Machining:

    The Mid BB and Headtube is machined to its absolute minimum without sacrificing strength or durability. The machining happens after welding for a precision bearing fit.

  • Integrated Head Tube:

    The integrated headtube is machined to its absolute minimum without sacrificing strength and durability. The machining happens after welding for a precision bearing fit.

  • Hollow Dropouts with Chain Tensioners:

    Hollow 8mm wide dropouts are as light as a solid 5mm dropout, but over twice as strong. There is a small internal chain tensioner to hold the wheel in place as well as simplify wheel removal.

  • Director Wishbone:

    Slimmed-down Director style wishbone is lighter and significantly stronger than previous versions.

  • Removable Brake Hardware:

    Refined removable brake mounts and cable channel improvements that provides benefits with or without a brake setup.

  • Rust Proof Coating:

    All Sunday frames are rust-proofed with "Black Magic" coating before the final finish is applied. It is lightweight and the best anti-corrosion processing that's offered today.


Top Tube Length: 20.75", 21", and 21.25"

Head Tube Angle: 75°

Seat Tube Angle: 71°

Chainstay Length: 13.2"-13.5” (prev. 13.5"-13.75")
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5”

Standover: 9”

Tire Clearance: 2.4”

Head Tube: 5” (prev. 4.75")